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5 Reasons why Lemon-Ginger Squash is the Perfect Summer Drink

Lemon-Ginger Squash is the perfect combination of a cool, refreshing, tangy and tingling drink that you need in the summer.

Here are 5 reasons why we recommend the Lemon-Ginger Squash:

  1. Perfect post a heavy meal: The drink is light and refreshing and after a heavy lunch in the summer full of aam ras and poori it refreshes the palette perfectly. It also helps washing down the food and is a good closer for a heavy meal.
  2. Full of Vitamin C: The drink is full of Vitamin C with its lemon content and also replenishes electrolytes and water that are lost in the summer heat.
  3. Healthy for You: It is an excellent healthy alternative to otherwise drinks that are full of sugar such as Tang, Coke, or Rasna. All the sugars are completely natural which make it extremely healthy and guilt free.
  4. Ginger for Digestion: While ginger is an extremely pungent root it has excellent digestive benefits and also helps cure motion sickness or nausea. The 'Lemon-Ginger Squash' is a perfect way to consume ginger without a fuss!
  5. Stores well and easy to make: The squash is a concentrate and you require very little of it to make a full glass. It can be stored easily in your fridge and is a ready-to-make drink for the summer.

Satvyk Lemon Ginger Squash is available for sale at the Beautiful Minds store in Baner, Pune.

For online purchase please visit the Lemon Ginger Squash product page.

Here is one of our customer's testimonial

"A few days ago I was chatting with my friends and it was a blazing hot day. I had a bottle of the lemon ginger squash stored in my fridge and it struck my mind that we should definitely have a drink of the same! I offered it to my friends as well and they were immediately impressed by the taste, the cool effect and the mental satisfaction of having a healthy drink. I would definitely recommend the lemon ginger squash in this hot weather, without a doubt!"

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