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Birdhouses – Beautiful Garden Décor | Keep Environment Safe

In our increasingly busy lives, a glimpse of a bird can offer a moment's respite from everyday worries. Have you ever thought of mounting a bird house somewhere among the green in your garden? Waking up to a cheerful chirp is a great thing. Birding is a gateway to nature. It exposes us to fresh air and lifts our spirits.

Ever since I installed a birdhouse, my terrace garden has become a haven for birds like sparrows, bulbuls, humming birds, mainas, weaver birds, robins, crows, pigeons and migratory birds like the magpie. Early in the morning, I am amazed to see them taking turns as couples to hop into the bird bath, then feeding on the grains and starting their day. Year on year, just before the rains, it is a beautiful experience to watch them visiting my garden and literally checking out the bird house to ensure a safe stay for themselves and their babies to be. They lay their eggs, incubate them, and hatch them. Then, the entire family flies out. They leave the nest intact for the next bird to use, without even thinking of the effort they put into building it, gathering one twig at a time. It often makes me wonder if their act of being selfless is something that humans could learn from.

To bring this experience home to you, we have created a range of wooden birdhouses, hand painted in attractive colors & patterns by our in-house artists. These birdhouses have an overhanging with a sloped roof and an entrance hole.

Natural nesting sites for birds are on the decline across the country. Birdhouses are crucial to the survival of birds, providing them with a place to rest and raise their young. They make unique garden decor that will enliven your garden with enchanting bird songs.

Imagine what our world would be like without birds. Helping these magnificent creatures will make your backyard look beautiful and help keep bird populations strong.

"We are the only species with the power to destroy the earth and also the capacity to protect it " - Dalai Lama

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