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In India, potli bags have been used since the Vedic period in multiple ways. They were used for ‘potli massage’ where herbs were filled in a small piece of cloth, money was carried in potlis and on long journeys even ayurvedic medicines were stored in potlis. In addition to these, masala potli (spice potli), dry fruit potli and several other potlis emerged in the medieval era.

My grandmother’s potli used to be a colourful one with several compartments where she would keep her money in one compartment, tobacco in the other and spices in the third. It was for her the most precious accessory that she would carry while stepping out of the house.

Indian potlis come in mesmerizing colours and embellishment of embroidery, sequen, foil work, fringes, tassels on fabrics like cotton, silk velvet and satin. There’s a range which you could choose from, depending on the occasion. Today, they have become appealing fashion accessories for the style conscious girls and ladies

Potli bags have now been given various avatars and looks, such as potli purses, potli clutch bags, potli pouches and the potli sack purse. Not only do these traditional drawstring bags complement Indian attire they look perfect with Indowesterns as well. Another reason for the surge in their popularity is the comfort quotient. Being lightweight, these bags can be easily wrapped around the wrist using their drawstrings.

The cotton fabric potlis are used for giving away gifts for weddings, return gifts or house warming and so on. At Beautiful Minds we have differently abled in-house artists who have made simple but beautiful cotton fabric potlis with potato stamping, hand embroidery and tassels. You could either drop in at the store or shop online on https://www.beautifulmindstore.com/

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