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How you can make your garden parties more ecofriendly this summer?

Many communities in Asia have a long history of using green products. In India, for example, leaf ware has been used for centuries. Even today, it is used during traditional functions and ceremonies.

Summer is the best time to party outdoors in the garden, enjoy the summer breeze and watch the birds dipping into the bird bath. These days, a lot of waste is generated at parties, in the form of styrofoam plates, plastic decorations, paper napkins, etc. all of which cause environmental pollution. As someone who loves taking care of the environment, I am always looking for new ways to reduce damage to the environment. At a recently organized garden party at my residence, I ensured that I served food and snacks in leaf ware. All my friends and family complimented me for being socially responsible, and I hope it has inspired them to consider using more ecofriendly products.

Ecofriendly Leafware: a fantastic alternative to disposable styrofoam plates

The most amazing thing about this natural crockery is that it easily decomposes without polluting the environment. At Beautiful Minds, we have biodegradable leafware, handcrafted and tastefully designed by differently abled artists. The leaf plates & bowls come in contemporary designs in varying shapes and sizes. With a corrugated texture on the outer side of the plates and bowls, they are easy to handle for buffets. Wooden spoons and forks are also available to ensure all your crockery and cutlery is ecofriendly.

I encourage you to think about small changes that you could make to reduce environmental damage. If each one us did our bit by being kind to the environment, we could make our planet earth green and safe for our children for many generations to come.

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