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Benefits of Using Cast Iron Cookware

Ever been curious about ways to prepare food that are conducive to healthy eating. Well, it turns out, you can pair your nourishing foods of pleasure with cast iron cookware to increase health benefits. Here is why:

  1. Cast iron cookware is inexpensive
  2. It is non stick
  3. They have a high heat capacity
  4. They add trace amounts of iron to your food and they last forever.
  5. Cast iron pans are durable and safer than many modern pieces of cookware like aluminum, Teflon-coated-non stick pans and Anodized utensils.
  6. Cast iron retains heat efficiently and has a high heat capacity and therefore uses less heat when you cook in it.

People are increasingly welcoming these relics of the past as they learn about the benefits of cooking with them.

How to maintain your cast iron pan?

Oiling a skillet each time you cook continues to season and builds its non-stick surface, filling in the microscopic pores that are part of the cast iron surface

At Beautiful Minds, we promote good health. Do drop in to buy rare, traditional, cast iron cookware. It will be a pleasure to have you over.

Commit yourself to a healthy lifestyle!

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