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Founded in 2014 by Reshma Desai, Beautiful Minds Store stands as a multifaceted brand with a mission to empower the differently-abled, uplift communities, and cultivate holistic well-being. Our commitment to diversity unfolds through empowering differently-abled artists, providing them a stage for their talents, and achieving financial independence. Simultaneously, we support local farmers and women entrepreneurs from Maharashtra, delivering fresh, locally sourced organic food products to homes in Pune. Complementing this, Reshma, a certified Heal Your Life Coach, drives the brand's focus on holistic health. Beautiful Minds Store invites you to join this journey, where the beauty of diversity, community, and well-being converges to make a profound impact and uplift lives.

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Nature’s Best Choices

A celebration of sustainable living, a fusion of earthy aromas, and fields of organic abundance—each one a mindful choice, an ode to the beauty of a conscious existence. Our dedicated local farmers and women entrepreneurs curate an exquisite selection of organic food products that are born from ethical sourcing, untamed beauty, and a commitment to Mother Earth. Explore the products that echo a promise to nurture both the body and the planet.

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Signature Surprises

Every gift tells a story. In this space, it’s not just of the giver and the receiver, but of the talented souls who defy expectations daily. These curated corporate gifts and personal gift items are an embodiment of thoughtful gifting with a purpose. With these, you are merely unwrapping a gift; you’re uncovering a box of dreams and the creativity of differently-abled artists. Explore gifts that connect hearts and empower beautiful minds to paint a brighter future.

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BMS Holistic Healer

Rooted in the profound wisdom of motivational speaker and author, Louise Hay, our founder, Reshma, a certified Heal Your Life Coach, guides you on a transformative journey towards holistic wellbeing. Our curated workshops on mind, body, and soul echo the heartbeat of ancient healing and modern wisdom. Explore mental health consultation, physical health education, and guided meditation sessions to embrace self-discovery and lead healthy, fulfilling, and happy lives.

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